December 4, 2013

The night before Dilosa was offered he spoke about his thoughts on BYU and what an offer would mean

About two weeks ago Keyon Dilosa first heard from BYU. From Facebook he received a message from BYU's Geoff Martzen who is over Football Player Personnel & On-Campus Recruiting. Today Dilosa has an offer from BYU and plans on visiting on Dec. 13th - 15th.

Since that time Dilosa has slowly learned more and more about BYU." I really didn't know much about them other than that they had a really good offense. Coach Holliday told me that they were ranked 11th in rushing and I think 38th in passing, and I know they have a really solid defense as well," said Dilosa. "They also told me about the Honor Code and what it is." Something Dilosa said he will have no issue with.

Last week on Friday, the night before BYU played Nevada; Coach Holliday gave a call to Dilosa. Holliday told Dilosa that he was planning on visiting Dilosa's high school on Dec. 4th (today) and that they would plan his visit to BYU, which is scheduled Dec. 13-15. "I am excited to see the people and the campus. I have never been in the mountains so I am excited to see them and the facilities and what it's like there," said Dilosa.

When asked what coaches have told him about them offering, Dilosa had this say, "Coach Mendenhall wants to meet first. Coach Martzen talked to me today and told me that I am the top high school WR they are looking; he said that they want Coach Mendenhall wants to meet me first."

Coaches have obviously had a change of heart as we learned today that Dilosa was offered. This will now give Dilosa a little more interest in the importance of this coming visit.

Dilosa talked about if BYU were to offer what that would mean. "I feel like depending on how the visit goes they will be a top contender. They play really good competition and have a really good team. I like that they are independent so that they make their own schedule."

James Kirkendoll is former Texas Longhorn WR who also happened to play in the NFL with the Tennessee Titans; Kirkendoll also happens to be the older brother of Dilosa. Like most younger brothers, they tend look up to their older brothers and follow their footsteps, the same goes for Dilosa. "He just set an example of everything that I want to do. We talk every once in a while and when we do we really don't get too much into football. When we work out together is when he shares with me about technique and tips."

Certainly BYU fans will be very interested in hearing how the visit goes for Dilosa and if it means that he will commit to play for The Y. Dilosa this year had 67 catches for 767 yards with 7 TD's. He was also the primary kick returner for Round Rock (TX).

Dilosa carries a 3.34 GPA and plans on studying business and marketing.

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