1 on 1 with Isaiah Kaufusi

In helping Cougar Nation get to know the future Cougars, we go one-on-one with Isaiah Kaufusi. Before enrolling at BYU and being on the football field, Kaufusi will take two years and serve the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a missionary in the Kingdom of Tonga.
What was the best part of your recruitment?
I think just knowing that I'll be able to get school paid for and play football. It's such a blessing. And of course being able to play at the next level. That's what I've been dreaming about since I was little.
What players have you gotten to know since your commitment to BYU?
Obviously my big ol teddy bear cousin of mine, Bronson (Kaufusi), have been close but I think some of the outside backers there right now and also even the outside backers coming in this year. Tyler (Cook) and Fred (Warner) and even Uriah (Leiataua) have been in contact.
While on your mission how do you plan to stay in football shape?
Eats lots of pug and horse. Come back and play under my uncle haha. Don't think Coach Poppinga will like that. But just lots of push-ups and sit ups and dips. Bench and squat my companion or something. Haha
Who is one recruit in your class you have become close with?
Fred and Tyler have been in contact but I think a majority of us have been in contact through instagram and twitter. We just have a bunch of awesome guys who are already good friends!
You grew up in a Utah Utes family. How hard was it to choose BYU?
Once I found out about what BYU was really is about and it's mission and how great everything is, it wasn't hard at all.