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Brothers from Las Vegas commit to BYU

One thing that makes the BYU Utah rivalry interesting is that often time's siblings and family members will be split. One will go to BYU and the other will go Utah. This will not be the case for the Nacua family. Brother Kai and Isaiah Nacua have both committed to play for BYU.
Kaimana Nacua is a 6'2 200 lb athlete who plays both QB and S. BYU is recruiting him to play Buck Linebacker. Younger Brother Isaiah who will be going into his junior year is a 6'3 255 DE. Talking with both brothers you can sense a close bond between the two, something special.
This last month BYU held its annual Junior Day. Junior Day is a camp where coaches get to look at different prospects and evaluate whether they are worthy of a scholarship. BYU always seems to find talented players that without going may go unnoticed. Such seems to be the case with JonRyheem Peoples who was offered at BYU's Junior Day and quickly committed.
"He [Coach Tidwell] just invited us to Junior Day, and I went up with my brother and father. We liked it. We liked the coaches and the way they coach the players. It was a really cool experience." said Kai.
Kai who was receiving interest from Arizona State, San Jose State, Utah State and Nevada Reno to play safety, a position he currently plays in high school. Is being asked to play a position he has not played before. But has no problems with the change.
"Coach Tidwell asked me personally, and I just told him yeah I can play whatever you want me to play. I'm athletic so I don't think it will be that hard, I just need to bulk up a little more."
Isaiah,is seeing a little more interest from schools. Going into his junior year he had an offer from Arizona State and receiving interest from Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, Michigan, LSU and North Carolina.
Even with the letters from college coaches coming in regularly he committed when BYU offered. Playing college football with your brother is rare but something that would be a lot of fun. But that is not the reason both have committed to BYU.
That 5 hour trip back to Las Vegas from Provo left plenty of time for discussion, with a proud father having spent the time watching his sons compete, and now driving them back to their home they talked about college and their time at BYU.
"My brother, my dad and I had just taken a trip up to BYU for our Junior Day and that is where we got to meet Coach Tidwell for the first time. He showed us around and toured us everywhere. And it was a really nice place. And on the way back we were all talking about it, and my dad really loved it. After the passing of my dad it was really hard, and my mom had told us that my dad really wanted us to go there. And then Coach Mendenhall gave us this opportunity, and when he gave me this scholarship I just felt a really good feeling and committed." said Isaiah.
A week after the passing of their father, Kai and Isaiah went back up to Provo with mom this time to another camp. After the first session the coaches told them they needed to meet with Coach Mendenhall, where he pulled them into his office one by one to let them know he was offering them a scholarship.
Having talked just weeks before with their dad about how much they liked BYU and the campus and the clean environment they both committed. Isaiah shared that this is not only their dad's wish for them to go to BYU, but this was also their wishes. They wanted to play for BYU.