BYU has found a big strong physical CB that they are showing a lot of interest in

Coach Bronco Mendenhall has been looking for strong physical cornerbacks. Recently they found one at Santa Ana College. Davion Orphey is a 6'1 190 CB who was introduced to BYU just this spring.
Coach Kaufusi was out on a recruiting visit at Santa Ana watching spring ball. When he came back he told Coach Howell of Davion. What's interesting is last year for the Santa Ana Dons Davion played RB where he averaged 4.7 YPC and had 4 TD's.
Davion has been recorded running a 4.43 40. So with athleticism and speed and injuries at RB they moved him from CB to RB. After hearing about Davion from Coach Kaufusi, Coach Howell flew out to visit him.

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"I was the corner they were looking for. I was high on the charts, that they need a big physical long armed corner. And they really wanted me." said Davion in regards to his conversation with Coach Howell.
After this year BYU will lose corners Robbie Buckner , Preston Hadley and DeQuan Everett to graduation. And this is one position where BYU has been successful and frequently gone to the JC level to fill the position. Both Hadley and Everett came from JC schools.
Davion who went to Edison High in California is the same high school that Romney Fuga went to. So before meeting with coaches he did not know much about BYU. But he did know a few players who went there like Fuga, Juice Quezada and Butch Pau'u but not much more.
"The way people explain it, they explain that it is a school that I don't belong because I'm not Mormon. I know they play good football and that's what matters most to me. And not only that, but if I leave BYU I would have a good degree. So had I to go see it for myself."
So despite others thoughts and opinions he decided to check out the BYU campus. And felt a little nervous coming in.
"Going into Provo I didn't know what to expect. I was kind of nervous, I was going in thinking I would not fit in, because I'm not Mormon. That everyone around me would be like who is this kid, he does not belong here. But when I got off the plane I just felt welcomed, you know. I was not even in BYU territory, so when I got there the first thing I did was go to the stadium and put my foot on the grass at the stadium, I got the chills, I was ready to be there right away."
"I spent some time hanging out with Coach Howell looking around BYU. And then, I had a meeting with Coach Mendenhall the Head Coach and we talked about my goals in life and what I wanted to do and what were my main priorities in life. And he made this big picture on the board. He is a visual guy. And asked me what I wanted in life. Would I want kids, would I want a wife, where I wanted to live? And then he told me to mark down the four main things I want in life. And then when it was all said and done he told me, well this is what BYU can offer you, he told me I am high on his boards and that he wanted to offer me a scholarship."
So BYU offered him a scholarship along with Mississippi State, Boise State, Utah, Utah State and New Mexico. CB Preston Hadley was his host during the visit who he said he got a long great with. But it seemed that Davion wanted to find those who more similar to his situation. Not a Mormon. So he sought them out and spoke with them, got their feedback.
"I met non LDS kids and I got along with them fine. There was one guy from California and one guy from Boston. I liked the way he played, I'd love to play with him, he plays the exactly how I try to play, I just felt welcome. It was within a day and I felt like one of the players."
Naturally one his question to those players was why they chose BYU?
"I asked them why they chose BYU because some of them had offers from Florida, Miami, Penn State and stuff like that. They chose because they can focus here, because if they went to another school like Florida they wouldn't be able to focus. And graduating from college is important to them and playing good football."
We all have been in situations where we are at a place that is foreign to us and then when we find someone who shares something in common with us it puts us at ease and build a quick relationship. Well similar was the case with Davion and that kid from Boston he referred to earlier, Jordan Johnson . In fact from what Davion shared, Jordan would have a big cause in his decision if he were to choose to play for BYU.
"Jordan Johnson. Me and him [sigh] he made a big impact on if I wanted to go to BYU or not. After spending a day with him, it felt like that he was one of my brothers. If I do decide to go there, he'll play a big part in that. Cause I would love to play with him."
So after having gone back to California and looking at his different offers, and experiencing his time at BYU, Davion Orphey came away impressed.
"BYU is on the top of the list now. If I do decide to go to BYU I know why I'm going there. And, I know that going there means that I'll have a good degree coming out, my head will be on straight because I'll be following the honor code and not only that, but I'll play good football."
Right now Davion is in no hurry to make a selection. He feels he may be getting some more offers and so will want to weigh his options and choose at a later time.