Chasen Andersen son of Utah State Coach Gary Andersen is considering choosing rival BYU.

Growing up Chasen Andersen was anything but a BYU fan. His dad is Gary Andersen who is currently the head coach at Utah State and before that, he was spent several years coaching at Utah. So growing up the Andersen's wore red. They now wear blue, but not BYU blue. So would the younger Andersen actually consider going to BYU to play football?
BYU first started recruiting Andersen last year during the season and that still continues with Coach Howell. Right now he has offers from BYU, Utah State, Montana and Montana State with interest from Boise State and San Jose State. At 6-foot, 215-pounds BYU is wanting Andersen to play at MLB and earlier this year Andersen spent time with ILB Coach Tidwell at BYU's junior day.
"When they started recruiting me, I was thinking how that would be weird to be on the opposite side of my dad. And they wanted to go out to the junior day and I didn't know what to do and so I asked my dad, and he asked me if they wanted me to go and I said yeah and he said well then go."

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Andersen seemed to prove to the coaches that he could play and was worthy enough of a scholarship offer. Shortly after one of the sessions Coach Tidwell met with a few linebackers and told them of the interest that BYU had in them . Just as they were leaving Coach Tidwell let Andersen know that he had a meeting with Coach Mendenhall. At that meeting Coach Mendenhall offered Andersen a scholarship.
"Coach Mendenhall asked me, 'what do you think of BYU?' I never thought about it, but it would be pretty sweet to bring some of the Andersen legacy over to Brigham Young University and bring the family over to BYU."
This, of course, made news in the Andersen household. Coach Andersen let his son know that Utah State offered first. But according to Chasen, it was BYU who first offered with an official written offer on paper.
And his brother Keegan, who is a TE at Utah State, let him know that if he went to BYU that he was going to lay him out on the field.
Though it may not be the family's top choice, he does feel he will get support.
"If I chose BYU I think everyone would support me on it, and understand how if I went there I would not be the coach's kid. I would another player." said Andersen
Andersen would like to make a decision before the start of the season but believes it might be during the season just because of the seriousness of the matter. So with growing up against BYU and having his dad coach at Utah State, what causes him to even consider BYU?
"The major factor is Coach Howell. He has been talking to me constantly, always being there, showing up to the school and introducing me to the other coaches like the O-line coach [Coach Weber] I love that guy, Coach Mendenhall is awesome. They have helped me picture myself there and I fit their scheme well." Andersen continued saying "Other than the coaching staff, they just win. They always have at least a 10 win season and everybody wants to be on a winning team. I think I could eventually be a leader for BYU. And hopefully lead them to an undefeated season and winning a national championship."