Edwin Delva visited the BYU campus last month and shares what he learned

BYU coaches are still looking to add one more to the defensive line front. Last month BYU offered Edwin Delva a 6-foot-3, 280-pound NT at Antelope Community College. Antelope Community College also runs the 3-4 defense like BYU; however, Delva plays as a DE opposed to NT which is the position he says BYU is recruiting him as.
Earlier this spring Coach Howell visited Antelope Community College and became more aware of Delva and quickly alerted Coach Kaufusi. Shortly after, Coach Kaufusi scheduled the time and went to visit Delva personally.
Interest grew from both parties. Before this Delva knew BYU was a Mormon school and that was about it. Not being Mormon himself did not affect his thought process of possibly playing for the Cougars.

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"I just wanted to get out there and see what it would be like it and see if I would fit in at a place like that. My mind was open" said Delva.
Delva made a decision to take that step and see what BYU was like, to see if it had what he wanted in a university. On June 21-23 he was on BYU campus, took in the scenery and got a feel for the university.
"I learned a lot about the campus. We had a little tour guide who took us on a tour of the BYU campus. The coaches also showed us around and showed me the facilities and I got to meet some of the players [Uona Kaveinga and Joe Sampson]. When I went there everybody was very friendly, even the students." said Delva.
Right now he has offers from Kansas State, Pittsburgh, Oregon State, Purdue, South Florida, Iowa State, Kansas, Tennessee, San Jose State, New Mexico State, Purdue, South Florida and Texas A&M with gaining interest from Oklahoma. With all these options he is in no hurry to make a decision. But Delva did give a range of where BYU is at.
"BYU, they are pretty up there, it is different type of environment. If I was to go there I could get better and set my goals and become a better person. I believe it would change me in a good way."