Elias Miller has some very good things to say about BYU

Las Vegas, NV - Elias Miller's mailbox is getting filled with mail from college coaches pitching their program. One of those schools is BYU. Miller is a 6-foot, 185-pound running back who has been clocked at the 40 at 4.42.
BYU coaches visited Miller in the spring to evaluate him and since then they have been in constant contact. "Truthfully I've known BYU for the great quarterbacks & that they were a traditional school. Also, I heard how BYU was from different perspectives & everything they said wasn't how it really is," said Miller.
As is the case at times there are misconceptions with BYU and it being a church owned school. But Miller was able to experience BYU up close and personal as he visited BYU for junior day on June 9-11th. While at the visited BYU coaches decided they should pull the trigger and offer Miller a scholarship.
Since that time Miller has learned much more about BYU and what he has learned, he has liked. "Honestly it's just a feeling that I get when I hear, think, or see anything about BYU; and it's a great feeling that no other school has given me, that's why I like BYU. Their biggest selling point is my relationship with Coach Mendenhall, Coach Atuaia , & Coach Anae," said Miller.
With Miller BYU would get another speed back. Miller said his strong points as a RB are his size, speed and footwork. Speed, agile backs are a key factor in BYU's Go Fast, Go Hard offense and with Miller would get that.
Right now Miller said he wants to wait until around the first part of the season before making his commitment.