JonRyheem Peoples tells us what he learned while at practice

We are here with JonRyheem Peoples , his brother Tristan and father Jon. JonRyheem tell us about practice, what were your thoughts and what did you like?
Well, it was well organized and everybody was hustling and there was not really a slow moment. It looked like everyone was family and it is a fun environment. I just can't wait until I get here. It was very up tempo.

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Watching a D1 practice what are some of thing you noticed and learned.
It's a whole different level, that's for sure. Now you step up to being to not being one of the best on the team, unlike in high school. Now everyone came from being the best at their high school. It's a lot faster, more aggressive. Now I just got hit the weights harder, condition a little more because it is going to come quick and I have to be ready.
Did you pay close attention to Coach Kaufusi and the D-line?
Oh yeah definitely. I went over there and was watching some key details they were doing and how crisp he likes to run his defense, and also to pick up key details that can help me for now and the future.
Seeing some D1 offensive line in practice, do you feel next year when you come again you can be ready to go against other teams O-line?
I feel like if I work hard enough and stay healthy I can come in and work hard enough to get where they want me to be and compete.
You spoke with us before and explained the whole Utah situation. Are they still recruiting you hard?
Yeah, they are still trying to get me. It's tough, but I still have to stay strong to my commitment.