Taysom Hill and his knee

Uh-Oh, Taysom's Knee Again?
It was a play that shouldn't have ever happened. The game was completely under control when then-Freshman QB Taysom Hill ran a draw play instead of taking a knee and letting the clock run out. When Hill stood up, he had a slight limp and BYU fans everywhere hoped this meaningless play would not come back to haunt the Cougars.
A torn LCL, a surgery to repair knee damage and nine months have passed since we last saw Hill play in a live game, but questions are still swirling about the health of his repaired knee. Internet rumors started that Hill had reinjured his knee and that more rehab could lie in his future. Today, Hill took to Twitter to try and squash any rumors, "I'm grateful to my doctor, trainers, and coaches for their role in helping me get healthy. My knee is doing great! Ready for Aug 31" he said.
Later in the day, Hill's golfing partner at local fundraiser and BYU RB Coach Mark Atuaia also took to Twitter to talk about the knee in question. "As his partner on the course today, I'll confirm @T_Hill4 knee is fine by the way he drove...the golf cart and his truck on I-15." It's clear that BYU is trying their hardest to give every indication that Hill's knee is not hurt and he will be ready for play in August.
The question still remains, however. BYU coaches rarely respond to injury rumors, or any kind of rumor that starts on the internet, but they have been anything but quiet in regards to Hill's knee. Why now? Why respond to this rumor? It's possible that the coaching staff raised even more questions by addressing the injury rumor than they solved.