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Wanting to impress Coach Mendenhall Noah Kramer gets offer

Everyone loves to hear a story where dreams and hard work become reality. I am about to share one of BYU recruit Noah Kramer. Kramer is a 6-foot-2, 260 pound defensive tackle from Layton, UT attending Northridge High. The same school as one of BYU's earliest 2015 commits Dayan Lake.
Several weeks ago Kramer was at the big man challenge camp at BYU. And like at other camps he was there to get better but also garner the attention of a specific coach, the Head Coach, Bronco Mendenhall.
At this camp was an opportunity to prove his skill in a one-on-one setting and to prove if he is worthy of an offer from BYU coaches. "After we had our lineman competition we were watching film in the offensive and defensive line room with Coach Kaufusi and a little more than half way through it I was asked to go with coaches to follow them and we met my parents my on the practice field and then went to Coach Mendenhall's office," said Kramer.
I imagine this is similar to what it is like to be called into your boss's office. You are either thinking am I getting that promotion I was hoping for or could this be something I am not going to like?
Kramer did think BYU would eventually offer but did not think it would be this day.
"We talked about the honor code at BYU and expectations and then he offered me. He said I was a great football player and that I could make a great difference on the program." Relief and excitement! For Kramer this was a little more special.
"I was kind of blown away because BYU is the school I want to go and my parents were kind of blown away too. Because, for so long I have been trying to Coach Mendenhall's attention at these different camps I've gone to, so I was really proud of myself and really excited that I know have the opportunity to go the school that I want to attend."
The hard work and effort had paid off. He was noticed by the assistant coaches and now the head coach had given him the satisfaction that he is someone he wants on his team.
"I've wanted to go to BYU because of their football program and academics, it's outstanding. And now this also gives me an opportunity to play with my best friend (Dayan Lake)."
Kramer, who told us just after his offer that he wanted to talk to his family and Lake before making a commitment. He said he has spoken with Lake and they have talked about how fun it would be to go to college together and to play football together. He still wants to think it over and talk with his family and make a decision by next month.
Kramer who is Christian likes the standards set at BYU and its environment. "I want to be at a school that represents God and has standards and helps you to focus and prepares you to be successful."
Having lived in Oregon for several years his parents were Oregon Duck fans but since moving to Utah they became Ute fans, Kramer said that is changing and they becoming more BYU fans. We will see how this all plays out and if BYU will land its second Northridge player for 2015.