Zac Dawe on shares on how he committed to BYU

Zac Dawe and the Pleasant Grove Vikings are on a roll, starting off 3-0 including a close win over, always tough Timpview. Dawe who see's time on both o-line and d-line has not been 100% for the last few games, even though he still has played he has been very sick and getting very fatigued. This is week is 100% and ready for Maple Mountain.
BYU has been recruiting Dawe since his sophomore year in high school, first by Coach Dupaix and then by Coach Poppinga. We caught up with him to re-tell his recruitment and commitment to BYU.
"I was told by Coach Hamilton (high school coach) that I need to come to his office quickly and that it was important. When I got there he told me that he had received a call from Coach Mendenhall at BYU and that he wanted me to call him, I asked what for and Coach Hamilton said, 'I don't know but I wouldn't wait around,' said Dawe.
Once he called Coach Mendenhall, he asked if he and his parents would come to his office to talk to him. "He started talking about BYU, and not necessarily about the football team but what the school represents and the spirituality aspect, the spirit was really strong and my mom started crying and then I just had this feeling that he was going to offer a scholarship and then just after that he did. I wanted to commit right away but he told me that 'you don't ask a girl to marry you after the first date; you go on a few dates and make sure it's right.' And so that is why I did not commit right away, it took me a week to think about it and I knew it was right and so I called Coach Mendenhall and told him I want to play at BYU."
The Dawe family is already familiar with BYU as Zac's brother Parker is currently on the team. "He tells me about how great it is there and how cool the guys are, he always tell me that is a lot different than high school ball and that I should get ready."
Dawe was hearing from Utah, Utah State and Stanford. BYU was the first to offer and once he committed he said teams have started to back off. Though he is committed he hears from BYU coaches weekly, Coach Kaufusi recently has told him that he wants him to be a DT, but that he wants him to learn the end position as well.
Dawe has two teammates that are also getting some looks from BYU, safety Sr. Spencer Romney and Soph. RB/LB Dallin Pili.